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Boiler Repair Burnley 

With over 15 years of experience in the heating industry, we are confident that we are able to get your boiler up and running in no time! From diagnosing fault codes to getting certain components replaced, we have you covered. 

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Signs You Need To Repair Your Boiler

Strange Sounds

If your boiler starts producing strange noises like banging, hissing, or clunking, it's a sure sign that something isn't right. These noises might indicate trapped air in the system, a malfunctioning pump, or other problems that require prompt attention.

Reduced Efficiency

A sudden increase in your energy expenses for no obvious cause might be a symptom of decreased boiler efficiency. It may be failing to heat your house adequately, which might be due to a variety of issues like a faulty thermostat or clogged pipes.

Fluctuating Temperatures

Heating inconsistency, when some rooms are overly hot while others stay frigid, is a classic sign of boiler problems. It may be straining to disperse heat evenly, maybe owing to valve or radiator problems.

Frequent Cycling

If your boiler is turning on and off more frequently than normal, it is working harder than necessary and may be having control or sensor difficulties. This can cause the system to wear out prematurely.

3 Things to Do When You Experience These Signs

Turn Off the Boiler

If you detect any of the aforementioned indicators, the first thing you should do is switch off your boiler and central heating system. This helps to avoid additional damage and associated safety issues. Locate the boiler's shut-off valve or switch and make sure it is turned off.

Speak with a Professional

Troubleshooting boiler problems on your own may be difficult and risky. As soon as possible, contact a certified heating engineer or boiler repair professional. They know to precisely identify the problem and safely repair it. Make sure you give them a full description of the symptoms you've seen.

Regular Maintenance

Consider arranging frequent maintenance inspections even if your boiler looks to be in good operating order to avoid future boiler problems. Professional service can detect and repair small faults before they become big concerns, ensuring that your boiler operates effectively and safely.

Common Misconceptions About Boiler Repairs Burnley

Boiler Repairs Are Expensive

Boiler repairs can be expensive, but the prices can go up if problems are ignored and allowed to get worse. Prompt repairs can help save expensive breakdowns and damage, which can save you money over time.

DIY Repairs Are Safe and Effective

Even while some boiler problems might seem simple, trying do-it-yourself repairs without the right tools and knowledge can be risky and inefficient. It is advisable to leave boiler repairs to licenced experts who have the know-how and equipment necessary to guarantee secure and efficient repairs.

Regular Maintenance Is Unnecessary

Some homeowners think that if their boilers are operating correctly, they shouldn't need to be maintained regularly. Regular maintenance is necessary, nevertheless, to spot small problems early on and fix them before they become bigger ones. To maintain the efficiency of your system, regular boiler servicing should be planned.

Ignoring Minor Issues Is Fine

Ignoring small problems with your boiler, such as odd noises or temperature swings, can eventually cause bigger issues. By taking quick action to resolve these problems, you can protect your boiler's efficiency and safety and avoid expensive breakdowns.

Importance of Timely Boiler Repairs in Burnley


Prompt boiler repairs are essential to your family's security. Serious safety issues, including gas leaks, carbon monoxide poisoning, and possible explosions, can arise from a malfunctioning boiler. Taking quick action to fix problems reduces these dangers and guarantees the safe operation of your boiler.

Preventive Maintenance

Frequent boiler repairs can assist in locating and addressing little issues before they become larger ones. You can prolong the life of your boiler and avoid expensive failures by taking care of problems early on. Timely maintenance also keeps your boiler operating more efficiently, which lowers energy use and utility costs.

Property Protection

Ignoring boiler problems can result in significant property damage, including flooding and leaks that cause water damage. Prompt repairs aid in averting such harm, safeguarding the structural integrity of your house and sparing you from expensive maintenance and upgrades.

Why you should choose us for a boiler repair Burnley

We are Gas Safe Registered

If you have a broken gas boiler that needs repairing, you can count on us. Our heating engineers are Gas Safe registered, so you can have peace of mind knowing that you are in safe hands with us. Simply ask us for our Gas Safe ID number when you get in touch with us and we will be to share it with you.

We are OFTEC registered

Not only are we Gas Safe registered, but we are also proud to be OFTEC registered. This simply means that we are trained to repair oil boilers too! Head over to our gallery page to browse through our previous oil boiler repair services.

We are Baxi Accredited Installers 

You will be glad to know that we specialise in repairing Baxi boilers. If you have a Baxi boiler, hiring a Baxi Approved Installer comes along with plenty of advantages. The reason for this is that they are highly knowledgeable when it comes to Baxi boilers and repair your Baxi boiler quicker than other heating engineers.

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