Benefits of choosing a Vaillant Advance Installer

We specialise in installing Vaillant boilers and controls to the highest standards. We also offer 10-year manufacturer-backed warranties on Vaillant boilers we install.

We offer free quotes and expert guidance because every installation is different. We'll help you discover the right Vaillant boiler for heating and hot water needs.

Expert knowledge on Vaillant products

Free, no obligation quote

Able to offer extended warranties ranging from 5-10 years

Have met Vaillant's standards

Gas Safe Registered

"We want to make sure the Vaillant boiler you choose is a perfect fit for you and your home. That’s why we created the Vaillant Advance Installer scheme, a network of fully trained, independent installers." - Vaillant

About Vaillant

Vaillant has set heating industry standards for almost 140 years - since the early 20th century. They created the 'combi' boiler 35 years ago.

The heating industry knows Vaillant for their boilers' efficiency, performance, quality, and reliability.

Vaillant strives to lead in innovative systems and technology and deliver excellent customer service.

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vaillant combi boiler

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers are ideal for homes with a single bathroom. Combi boilers provide hot water only when needed, therefore it completely eliminates the need for a water tank. Their smaller size makes them ideal for smaller houses.

vaillant system boiler

System Boilers

Homes with many bathrooms benefit from system boilers. They provide a steady flow of hot water, making them perfect for homes with high hot water needs. Please note that system boilers need a water cylinder to hold hot water.

vaillant regular boiler

Regular (Open Vent) Boilers

Regular boilers are best for multi-bathroom homes. These are perfect for homes with simultaneous use of hot water in multiple rooms. These boilers are compatible with solar water and heat pumps.

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