DAB Esybox and Esytank

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esybox and esytank installation

Esybox Installation

The ESYBOX is DAB's new integrated water pressure booster for homes. ESYBOX's self-priming multistage pump, electronics for control and management, pressure and flow sensors, high-resolution LCD orientable display, and 2-litre expansion vessel require no extra components to install.

Benefits of Esybox


Inverter technology allows e.sybox to draw energy according to water needs, reducing waste and saving money.


It can be mounted vertically or horizontally in a ventilated room or recess.


The whisper-silent technology reduces noise and vibrations to 45 dB in typical use. Thanks to the water-cooled motor, sound-deadening ABS casings, vibration-damping feet, and inverter electronics that adjust motor revolutions according to set pressure (set point) and flow.


It saves 30% space over typical systems.

Easy to set up and use

The technical compartment enables access to the expansion, tank, rotor shaft, and second filling cap, making maintenance straightforward. This compartment also contains the user guide and the instrument for quick cartridge extraction of the non-return valve, as well as all the maintenance and installation tools.


has a wireless gadget for pressure booster sets and a DAB device connection.

Esytank Installation

The ESYTANK is a drinking water storage tank designed for easy interaction with the ESYBOX electronic water booster system. The ESYBOX with ESYTANK break tank and booster pump kit is excellent for domestic and light business use. The brilliant ESYTANK modular system packages pump and tank. It also enables you add tanks to three sides to improve water storage.

Benefits of Esytank

- ESYTANK tanks can hold 480 Litres.

- Integrated ESYDOCK for fast pump connection

- Modular installation for multiple choices

- Compact in size

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