Powertank Installations

Tired of poor water pressure and flow in your house or your commercial property? Look no further! At JS Gas & Oil Ltd, we are fully qualified in installing a range of powertanks throughout Bolton, Bury and Burnley. Get a free quote by calling us on 07791 802791.

What is a power tank? 

A powertank is designed to address low water pressure issues. The self-contained cold water booster kit integrates easily into your water system and is a great addition. This cutting-edge approach eliminates poor water flow with an emphasis on user convenience.

It works automatically and the electronic controller starts and stops the pump when drop of pressure is dropped. For example, this can be detected when a tap is opened and closed.

It offers a variety of water storage, consumption, and space options. Powertanks are often installed in garages, plant rooms, utility rooms, and kitchens.


Powertank FAQs

Will it be noisy?  

All pumps make noise, but there are a few powertanks that we can help install which are ultra-quiet.

Is it a simple installation process?

With plenty of experience in installing a range of powertanks, we are confident in making the process as simple and straightforward for you. You can browse through our previous installation work by heading over to our gallery page.

Why do I need a tank and a pump?

Without water in the tank, the controller turns off the pump. In order to restore tank water volume, it will reset automatically after a brief wait. This protection feature ensures the longevity of the pump.

What size property can a powertank be installed in?

Powertanks can be expanded for big or small properties which have low incoming flow rates. They vary in range to meet all residential and commercial properties however the incoming flow rate and usage must be considered. If your water supply is poor but demand is high, you can install an additional tank to store more water.

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