Our Boiler Maintenance Tips

A boiler failure is the last thing any of us wants to happen. Not only are they costly to fix, but coping with cold showers and shivering in the cold without heat is never a great experience for anyone.  

You will be glad to know that this can be avoided and our heating engineers have put together a list of our boiler maintenance tips to help you keep your boiler in great shape and prevent any chances of your boiler breaking down.

boiler maintenance tips

Tips to maintain your boiler

Checking the boiler pressure

Monitoring your boiler's pressure to check whether it is too high or too low is a good way to make sure your central heating is working properly. It will be necessary to repressurise if the pressure is lower than it should be or bleeding will be required if the pressure is too high. The right pressure for a boiler should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If you're not sure how to do this, contact a Gas Safe registered engineer who will gladly assist you through the process.

Try a powerflush 

Over time, sludge can accumulate in your central heating system, reducing its efficiency. Getting it professionally power flushed will remove the debris from the pipes and radiators, allowing you to obtain more heat for less money. 

Get it serviced

Giving your boiler an annual servicing helps it last longer and perform more efficiently, saving you money. It's essential to have your boiler serviced by a Gas Safe Registered engineer, who will not only examine the boiler's basic safety but also run performance tests and address any issues that arise.

Radiator Bleeding to Avoid Cold Spots

Your may have cold spots as a result of trapped air in the radiators. Regularly bleed your radiators to ensure even heating. By performing this easy maintenance task, you can keep your home comfortable by releasing trapped air and allowing hot water to flow freely. Should the issue continue, it might indicate a more serious problem that calls for boiler repairs.

Check for Leaks and Odd Sounds

Listen for odd sounds coming from your boiler system, like banging or hissing. These noises may be signs of underlying problems such as blockages or leaks. Additionally, keep an eye out for any visible leaks or moisture around your boiler regularly. Don't wait to hire a professional for boiler servicing if you see any issues.

Maintain and Clean the Flue

An essential part of your boiler system, the flue is in charge of securely venting dangerous gases. Making sure there are no obstructions or blockages in the flue is crucial. Plan on having a qualified engineer do routine cleanings and inspections to ensure adequate ventilation and stop carbon monoxide leaks.

Invest in Energy-Efficient Controls

To maximise the performance of your commercial boiler, upgrade to energy-efficient controls. You can lower your energy usage and operating expenses by utilising timers, programmable thermostats, and smart heating systems. To find the ideal controls for your property, speak with a heating expert.

Speak to a qualified engineer

Our heating engineers are available throughout Bolton, Bury and Burnley will be happy to help with any boiler maintenance questions you may have. Call our team on 07791 802791 or send us a quick message using our contact form and our team will get back to you.