Top 7 benefits of central heating systems!

If you have been thinking of installing a brand new central heating system, we think that it will be one of the best decisions and investments you will make as it comes along with many advantages. Here at JS Gas & Oil, we go through the 7 main advantages of getting a new central heating system installed. 

advantages of central heating system

7 Advantages of Central Heating Systems

1. Efficient and Effective

Small amounts of heat distributed throughout a home are far more efficient than a single big heat source. It also provides a more equal temperature distribution, making it far more effective. People feel significantly warmer when rooms are heated with radiators or underfloor heating than when heated with air because water distributes energy around the home far more efficiently than moving air.

2. Quieter to run

Central heating systems which use radiators and underfloor heating to heat up the room run silently, making it easier to not worry about any noises it may make.

3. Convenient

One of the most appealing reasons customers choose newer central heating systems is due to the convenience. Typically, it's set and forget, but there are app-based control solutions that can provide greater flexibility.

4. Better for your health

The consistent temperature of a home with central heating is beneficial for your respiratory system. This is because the heat does not circulate dust or allergies, keeping your home clean.

5. Easy to maintain

When it comes to maintenance, a central heating system has an advantage because all of the components are in one place and it's easier to get to them. A regular service check will also help prevent any chances of your central heating system breaking down on you.

6. Customised for you

Here at Green and Reliable, we work with you to make sure the heating system is tailored to meet your needs and requirements. Our heating engineers will help assess the demand for hot water and heating you require, look at the insulation, accidental heat and other factors to help identify the type of central heating you need. 

7. Fully controllable 

By simply using components such as a timer, room thermostat, and thermostatic radiator valves, central heating systems can be fully controlled so that you can set different rooms to different temperatures. You also have the option to set the timer to a specific time so that it can warm up when you need it, this feature is great to use when you return back home. 

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