What you need to know about Hydrogen Boilers [2022]

The government in the UK is planning to switch to hydrogen to help reduce carbon emissions. And with gas boilers will slowly being phased out over time, what does this imply for you and your house? Is this going to mean you'll have to invest in a brand-new boiler that runs on hydrogen?

Do not worry because we go through it all in this blog! 

everything you need to know about hydrogen boilers

Hydrogen Boilers: What You Need To Know

The major shift to hydrogen 

Because hydrogen gas is far more environmentally friendly, the UK government intends to replace natural gas with it. However, rather than happening all at once, this transformation will occur over time. That implies it shouldn't be a source of additional stress or cost for homeowners. 

In reality, several of the UK's largest boiler manufacturers have said that hydrogen-ready boilers will be no more expensive than traditional gas-powered boilers. There are no precise timelines, and many technical aspects are still to be worked out, but the transition is expected to take place in stages, making it easier for everyone. 

Many boiler manufacturers across the UK are working on a new 'hydrogen-ready' standard that will allow the UK to transition to 100% hydrogen as quickly as possible in the future. It's vital to remember that 'hydrogen-ready' boilers are still in the development stage whereas 'hydrogen-blend ready' boilers are already widely available.  

The government is now conducting trials to work through the cost, practicality, and safety problems with the use of hydrogen in heating the UK's homes and will likely come up with a decision by 2026.

What is a hydrogen boiler, and how does it work?  

Many people believe that hydrogen boilers are the greatest option to reduce carbon emissions, especially because they are very similar to natural gas boilers. Because hydrogen burns differently than natural gas, several adjustments to the boiler's design will be necessary. So, although it's a significant shift in many aspects, it shouldn't be too disruptive mainly because the fundamentals remain the same. 

What will the price of hydrogen boilers be? 

Even though hydrogen boilers are currently in the development stages, manufacturers are predicting the prices of these new boilers with similar natural gas boilers. And, since they operate in a similar manner, there should be no significant additional expenditures for things like installation and upkeep.

hydrogen boilers

Why isn't there a 100% hydrogen boiler already? 

Well, there are many reasons for this. To begin with, changing all of the boilers throughout Bolton, Bury, Burnley and the rest of the UK is a massive undertaking, even if the alterations required for each boiler are minor.  

Secondly, manufacturers aren't ready to mass-produce hydrogen boilers since they're still in the developmental stages. 

Finally, there's the question of supply: the UK presently produces insufficient hydrogen to fuel everyone's boilers. Solving these problems will take some time, although significant progress has already been done. As a result, we're optimistic that a cleaner, greener, hydrogen-powered future is on the way!

When will the switch to hydrogen take place? 

The basic truth is that no one knows when exactly the switch to hydrogen will take place. Our best prediction is that the 20% hydrogen mix will be available within the next decade or so, however, the transition to 100% hydrogen will take substantially longer.  

Because of the delayed transition, most individuals will have upgraded to a hydrogen-ready boiler by the time the switch occurs, making the transition to the new gas relatively simple. It's also vital to keep in mind that hydrogen boilers are just one component of the government's effort to decarbonize our houses' heating. Heat pumps are anticipated to play an important part in keeping us warm and comfortable while also saving the environment.

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