What are the benefits of a new boiler?

Installing a new boiler is a fantastic investment that will provide you with several advantages. Continue reading to learn how a new boiler might benefit you or if you prefer speaking to our heating engineers, simply call us on 07791 802791. 

new boiler advantages

Advantages of a new boiler...

Saves you money

We're all used to having to replace something as they wear out or become unreliable.  Purchasing a new product, such as a new boiler is always considered an extra expense but you view it as an investment, you will quickly start to see the return. 

A new boiler can also save you lots on any expensive repair costs, especially if certain parts are becoming difficult to find. 

Gives you peace of mind

Switching to a new gas boiler will not only save you money on your heating expenses but will also give you peace of mind. A new boiler will last longer and provide you with peace of mind, as it is guaranteed by a manufacturer's warranty.

Compatible with smart technology

When we repair a boiler, we normally upgrade the heating controls as well. Our customers across Bolton, Bury and  Burnley often choose to get smart thermostats installed, mainly because they are able to control the temperature, gain insights on how their heating is used and can learn your routine. 

Quieter & Smaller in size

Modern gas boilers are designed to be smaller and quieter than older types, this means it offers many room options to have them installed in. They can even be hidden behind a cabinet in the kitchen and for some homeowners, this means it can free up valuable space.

Want to know more?

To learn more about the advantages that come along with a new boiler, call us on 07791 802791 or send us a message using our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.